(Unerencontreserieuse) offers our users to have freedom in accessing their information and are able to make the necessary changes in it. If at all the information seems to be wrong we do our best to make you easy to update and correct the same. This access includes even deleting the information but it is allowed only when it is not necessary for us to keep the information for any kind of legal purpose. During any kind of update, verifying the personal information is mandatory. Request can be rejected in some of the conditions which may include the risk of effecting in the privacy of the other users and also getting any change in the existing practice. Your information will be always protected even in cases of accidental destruction. Even if you delete the information we might be having a back up.

Sharing the Information

Your information is always safe with us and we will share the same with any company or organisation only in the below circumstances. This might happen with

Consent: Sharing of personal information is possible only with your consent .We provide an option for this in our website.

Legal Reasons: Information provided by you will be shared with any other company or organisations only if we need to meet any legal obligation. This will be done with maintaining our privacy policy.

Information that are non personal might be shared with any other connected websites or our partners. If any kind of merger or acquisition is happening the confidentiality of the personal information will be kept and if any change in our privacy policy is happened we will keep you posted.

All kind of access for unauthorized destruction or any kind of alteration which is unauthorised is prevented. We will strive to maintain the same in future also. This can be prevented by

  • Encryption of our services.
  • By offering a double verification process
  • All the employees are prevented in any kind of access to your personal information

We assure you in the security of all your personal data offered to us.