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Tips for caring for your hardwood floors in Duncan, OK

The floor is the starting point in designing a home for many people. One of the most popular types is hardwood floors in Duncan, OK. Wooden flooring is a great way to add elegance and warmth to a place. It also provides a luxurious feel to a home or office. However, one needs to take care of the floor to ensure it lasts long. So, here are some tips for maintaining their wooden floors.

Tips for maintaining hardwood floors

  1. Maintain optimum humidity and temperature in the place.
  2. Do not use wax, oil, or anything similar on the wooden floorings.
  3. Do not use heat-dependent cleaning methods such as steam.
  4. Do not use alkaline products such as ammonia or other harmful chemical cleaners on the hardwood floors.
  5. Use soft rugs and doormats. Avoid using any harsh and sturdy items that can leave scratches.
  6. When moving furniture, use glue pads on the legs. Not using these can lead to damage to the wood floors. One can also lift the furniture instead of dragging it to avoid danger.
  7. Do not expose the floors to direct sunlight. It can lighten the color of the wood. So, one should use blinds or thick curtains.

Cleaning methods for furnished wooden floors

hardwood floors in Duncan, OK

Many professional wood floor installers offer furnished wooden floors to their clients, consisting of hard-wearing sealant coating. It means the floor is stain-proof and water-proof. So, one can use a dishwashing liquid or even mild detergents to clean their furnished hardwood floors. However, one should avoid using much water as it can seep in, leading to decay. One should also wring the mop properly to avoid excess water for cleaning.

Cleaning methods for unfurnished wooden floors

If someone’s wooden floor has a matte finish, it is probably partially or not furnished. These floors cannot come in contact with water. If one uses water to clean, the floor will absorb it. The water will damage the wood fiber and promote the growth of molds. So, vacuuming and dry mopping are the best cleaning methods for hardwood floors in Duncan, OK.

So, one can use the appropriate cleaning and maintaining methods to prolong the lifetime of the wooden floorings.