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How to grow your social media audience with Massgress

Marketing and sales strategies have moved beyond the point where social media is just a nice-to-have addition. By 2022, if you’re not using social media for business growth, you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to reach an entirely traffic for your social media account.

 Find out how easily you can go from lurker to thought leader on every social platform by refining your existing social strategy. We share how can help you grow your traffic on social media.

Social media strategies for traffic 

Defining your target audience sounds simple but can be a challenge for marketers. This guide will help you find new opportunities on social media and better understand your audience from to help you grow traffic.

To build an audience on social media, you need to determine who you want to target and what that audience looks like.

Take advantage of the strategies in these Sprout resources to successfully engage your social media audience and expand your reach.

Analyze Social Media Channels

Analyzing the channels your brand uses, underutilizing, or neglecting completely is the first step towards making a social media strategy. When your brand only has a presence on Facebook, and all the action is on Twitter, finding where your efforts are best spent is the key to online success.

Have Clear Goals

A one-size-fits-all solution does not exist. Each company has different business goals, so their social media strategy will differ. You will save time on social media if you define your business goals early.

Identify Your Audience

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It’s time to identify your existing audience and your targeted audience as you define your social strategy goals. Find out your target audience and curate content for them, regardless of whether you rely on personas or actual customer data.

Create a Strong Brand Presence

Social profiles and social strategies require a strong brand presence. In the absence of images and profile pictures that tell people who you are, they may feel uncertain or lost.

Create Delightful Content

Before developing your social media workflow, you should decide what kind of content you want to produce. Social media posts are great, but you’ll need to vary what you publish based on your audience and the platform you are using.


Engaging your audience on any social network is one of the best ways. Strategies are a more helpful way to bring more audience to your social media account. Social media algorithms are more likely to recommend your account if more people engage with your content.

2021’s Software Solution To Help Grow An Instagram Account

These days, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet. But if you have just started your account, it is not easy to grow it that fast. So if you are looking for other options to find the right software solution to improve your following and growing your account quickly, then you have come to the right place.

Optimize Account for Profile Search

You should take into account your Instagram profile’s optimization for search. In recent news from the platform, users will be able to search accounts using keywords. That means if the user searches specifically for a particular keyword, any account with this hashtag or keyword on their captions, bios, and names will show up on that search.

IGTV is Now Important

Back in 2020, it was predicted that IGTV would become a huge part of Instagram. And that is undoubtedly happening in 2021. More users are now using Instagram for entertainment. And with the IGTV on your profile, it would be easy to align your audience with your IGTV content. So if you have not created an IGTV channel yet, then this is the best time to do it.

Be More Engaging

An IG account that is engaging drives more followers. There are many ways to ensure that your account is accessible and inclusive. The easiest step is to make sure that your Instagram videos have subtitles. They are great for people who are watching videos without sound and convenient for those with hearing difficulties. You also have to respond to comments and DM’s if you have to. This step is crucial, especially if you have a business account. Engaging with your followers is essential.

Create Unique Content

Unique and shareable content is crucial for any Instagram account. When the account is proven to be authentic, it is proven that it can help grow the number of followers. And this is still looking good in 2021. If you want to reach a larger group of people, ensure that you create authentic and shareable content. Your followers will be able to share this with their IG Stories or direct messages.

Use Kicksta IG Software

One of the most popular software these days that can help you grow your Instagram account is Kicksta. There is plenty of fantastic kicksta review from users worldwide who can attest to its usefulness for this specific purpose. Kicksta is currently the most preferred Instagram growth software. Kicksta has plenty of unique features like niche profile targeting, online cloud, analytics dashboard, account manager, and security features that can significantly benefit your IG accounts’ growth.

Instagram is currently one of the best avenues to promote a brand or company. Even for a personal account, IG growth is crucial. So what are you waiting for? So take into consideration the tips mentioned above. Use everything that you can to your advantage. If you do not see any IG growth, then this is the time to do things right.


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