Get Professional Cleaning Service In Singapore

Do you want to get a thorough cleaning of the house through housekeeping? Do you want a high standard, hassle-free cleaning? If the answer is yes, Singapore Cleaning service provides the best home cleaning service.

The information they need

The agency will request some basic information before they start cleaning.

  • Do you live in a condo, apartment, studio, or bungalow house?
  • What is the size of the house in square feet or square meters?
  • Is the status of the house somewhat clean or very dirty?
  • Are you cleaning because you are moving in or out, or is it just regular cleaning? Do you want the full house cleaned or just a particular part?

Hire A Home Cleaning Service

Things they require from you

  • You need to get the list of cleaning detergents and other tools if you are providing them yourself. If you want the cleaning service to get the items, you need to pay an extra amount.
  • Leave the house for a while so the team can finish the cleaning. You can come 30 minutes to 1 hour before the completion time given.
  • When you are inspecting the house make sure to get any extra cleaning done if you are not satisfied. The team has a packed schedule and won’t be available at your beck and call.

The Professional Cleaning Service excels in providing the best home cleaning service no matter the size of the place. If you want to make queries, contact the team through email or SMS.