You are Welcome to Enjoy Luminating Luxury of Level33

The wonderful scenery and atmosphere guarantee the perfect setting for any occasion.

We are proud to offer all LeVeL33 customers suitable offers; From lunch to a working drink after an outing, it’s best to be our freshly brewed craft beer and enjoy a beer, lunch, or burger on our simple outdoor patio. Or enjoy a refreshing weekend brunch at Raw Bar, a glass of Champagne with fresh oysters, or a more formal dinner at the private Barons de Rothschild restaurant with a view.

A place where craftsmanship and effortless excellence reign

In the centre of the bar is a shiny brass beer mug that looks like the freshly brewed beer that is poured from the centre of LeVeL33. The modern design is highlighted by the use of wooden structures and earth tones; The wonderful internal integration of the craft brewery blends harmoniously with aesthetics, form, and function in this sublime space.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of LeVeL33: beer freshly brewed by local brewer Gabriel Garcia, a cold show kitchen, or a carefully prepared wine list in a boutique with labels, no more than 5,000 cases each. LeVeL33 is not only a restaurant with a view but also an experience.

Dining at Marina Bay

In addition to the iconic rooftop bar with a landscape, LeVeL33 also offers a unique dining experience and ambience. The modern beer kitchen, designed by Chef ArChan, incorporates brewing elements into food, creatively uses different beers and beer ingredients, and takes inspiration from brewing. The process itself: hops – with floral and citrus aromas; brewer’s yeast with a rich aroma; malt – to add texture to food; and leftover cereal (only available in the brewery after the filtration process) – to add flavour and texture to foods.

 It doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small; every milestone counts. Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with us because we assure you a pleasant exchange

New month, new lunch! Be the first to receive our September Bar, Tamarind, and Coconut Special- Offer dad a glass of beer, offer mum a glass of sparkling wine, give the kids a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail – they take care of it

 Fancy a strong and refreshing cocktail?

 If you’ve ever requested a table, you’ve probably spoken to Rhoda, our main First member

 Farmhouse beer, freshly peeled oysters, and a light afternoon breeze. Nothing like our happy hour with oysters. If you like relaxing wines, they serve them too. Their wine list has been carefully compiled.

Contact their excellent customer care at +65 6834 3133 or They are open Monday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.