The installation will not include the removal of the existing wall coverings

If the product is suitable for your requirements then you will definitely be satisfied with the product. The customer support team will provide a quick response if you have any queries about the products available at our company. The value of the supplied products should not exceed its liability. The customers may not be able to cover the warranty for the products if there is high moisture content. If you have already started using the new goods then the visible faults are excluded from the complaints at singapore wallpaper. The removal of the existing wall coverings is not included in the installation. It is the responsibility of the customers to inspect the workmanship if the installation is confirmed. You can feel free to report to the company if there are any issues related to the installation.

Responsibility for the scratched flooring:

The terms and conditions of the company are subjected to change from time to time. The customers can get the best advice if they want to place the order from our company. You should be aware of the additional charges of singapore wallpaper which are applicable at the time of installation.

The company will not take any responsibility for the scratched flooring or broken furniture. The humble team of the wallpaper specialists are very passionate to decorate the commercial and residential places. The one-stop solution is provided by our company which is established in Singapore. The best services are provided to the clients by the quality craftsmanship in order to achieve their design. You can schedule an appointment in advance as our company has flexible operating hours.

A wide range of designs:

We will have a good communication with our clients to know about the quality of our work and approach. The Korean wallpaper in Singapore is used in painting in order to decorate the interior visual effect. The high quality of workmanship will provide the services at affordable price for the commercial and residential clients. The wide range of designs provided for the clients will help you to explore the wallpaper for the walls. You can discuss the cost of the Singapore wallpaper when you visit our store. The customers can get more savings when we cut down the cost of the wallpaper at our Singapore store. It is the duty of the staff to explain all the costs to the client at the Singapore wallpaper store.