Design and Installation features of Ecovacs robot vacuum

Is it tired of budget-friendly robot vacuums stuck to things like wires, pet toys, shoes, and more? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. The $ 799.99 Ecovacs robot vacuum features Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation (AIVI) technology to automatically identify and resolve obstacles that can vacuum and wipe floors. Ecovacs robot vacuum also has a neat visual butler function that lets you watch live videos from anywhere in your home.

Design and installation

The ecovacs robot vacuum has a sleek design and a matte black surface. With a diameter of 13.5 inches and a height of 3.6 inches. There are many sensors on the map and navigation, including the above AIVI visual detection sensor, side collision avoidance sensor, above TrueMapping distance sensor, carpet detection sensor, six fall prevention sensors, etc. AI technology improves over time to use artificial intelligence chipsets and cameras to determine what might be interfering with the robot (like power cords or socks) and create a database of resolvable objects.

Functions of Ecovacs robot vacuum

The Ecovacs Home app can start, pause, stop cleaning, or scheduled cleaning. You can also see the square footage of the cover, cleaning time, battery level, etc. The app saves the cleaning history, so when was the last time the vacuum wipe was covered, and where? And you can accurately check the number of obstacles avoided. The app allows you to choose to avoid or avoid specific areas or rooms to be cleaned by setting virtual robot limits, even in advanced mode. Finally, it provides on-demand remote monitoring of the home, such as mobile home surveillance cameras with excellent video talk function.